Kardashians Sisters New Raunchy Bikini Line

Luxury Beach Bunny Swimwear by Kim & Khloe

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Posted: Aug 10 | No Comments |


The Kardashian sisters have become mega pop culture icons over the past few years, despite not actually doing a whole lot. They don’t act; they don’t sing. As the daughters of Robert Kardashian (the attorney who defended OJ Simpson), they have earned a lot of media attention just for being themselves. Now after starring in their own reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the Kardashian hype is bigger and better than ever.

They have always been notorious for their stunning bodies and impeccable fashion sense, and now they have just been bumped up to fashion royalty with their own line of designer swimwear. Now the three sisters are finally getting press for their new bikini line, which they modeled themselves.

The sisters just showcased their designs under former model Angela Chittenden’s line Beach Bunny Swimwear at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) in July. They made an appearance, sitting front and center with Disney sensation Selena Gomez for the show. Chittenden’s line has been a celebrity favorite since its inception in 2004. Now with the Kardashians’ Beach Bunny collection due out in 2011 (although some already seem to be on eBay - scroll down to see), it is sure to gain even more attention in the world of high fashion.

Each sister chose a theme for their collection and Chittenden brought it to life with elegance and whimsy. Kim drew inspiration from old Hollywood with her Divinity collection. This featured classic cuts and simple black ensembles embellished with chunky diamonds, gold braids and side ties. Khloe chose to make hers Safari Glam with plentiful animal prints and fun colors. Kourtney’s choice was Sailor Chic with a nautical theme. Each had intended to strike a balance between sexy designs and ample coverage.

The Kardashians not only designed awesome women’s bikinis recently; they sported some themselves. Kim and Kourtney were spotted in South Beach wearing some adorable beach gear. Kim wore a purple and white jagged-striped string bikini a la Khloe’s Safari Glam line, and Kourtney’s was a classic black bikini with subtle gold beads lining it, similar to something you would find in Kim’s Divinity line. She complemented this flawlessly with a gold cuff and gold-rimmed sunglasses. So look out! These girls are taking style to a whole new level of chic.

But don’t go grabbing onto your boyfriend for dear life just yet! The Kardashians’ style success can actually have benefits for you too. It’s not all that difficult to recreate their styles for department store prices and even put your own personal spin on them. Are you a Kim, Kourtney or Khloe? If you’re a Kim, try shopping around for fifties-inspired solid prints, then add on some gold and silver bling of your own. If you’re a Kourtney, go for navy blues, stripes and nautical ties. Or if you’re a Khloe, be a bit more daring and go for bright animal prints and shredded fabrics. Once you’ve got your Kardashian style, throw on some signature accessories to make the outfit your own. Then you’re sure to have the hottest outfit on the beach.

The Bikinis look like they are already available on BeachBunnySwimwear.com. These luxury designer bikinis don't come cheap though so expect to part with over $150.

Kardashian's Bikinis on eBay

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