Juicy Couture Pixie Sunglasses

Rectangular Coral Pink Shades

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Posted: Dec 1 | 4 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Juicy Couture Pixie SunglassesJuicy Couture abandons its usual flash for a more classic look with these Pixie sunglasses.

Their name sounds playful, but these sunglasses are really pretty straight laced, especially by Juicy Couture standards. That's actually why I think this pale coral pink is the pick of the bunch. Such a sedate style really needs an unexpected shade to liven things up. In the other colors, which include black and dark tortoiseshell, the Pixie seems rather pedestrian.

The lenses are tinted in a variety of colors to suit the frames. The coral ones get a smoky tan treatment, while other frames get various browns. They're all 100% UV rated to protect your peepers from the sun's harmful rays.

Whichever colors takes your fancy, the Pixie will flatter your face, particularly if it's round. The soft angled rectangle frames help to add definition and minimize natural curves.

The branding is subtle, with just a nameplate on the frames. I'm not used to such nuanced logos from Juicy Couture, but this move away from obvious signatures helps make these sunglasses right on trend.

I just wish I felt we were paying for the sunglasses rather than the name attached to them. At $231.25 they're particularly expensive for a pair of plastic shades.

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