John Paul Pietrus Release Andrej Pejic T-Shirt

Limited Edition Model Face Tee

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Posted: Jan 4 | 3 Comments |

Andrej Pejic T-shirtAustralian model Andrej Pejic's gender bending style has brought androgyny out of the 80s and firmly into the 21st century. The Twitterverse went into meltdown when he shared a photo which showed him wearing a T-shirt featuring his own beautiful face. Everyone wanted to know where they could get one, and now the details have been revealed.

The image of Pejic's lipstick kissed face was captured by one of his favorite photographers, John Paul Pietrus. Now the acclaimed snapper is selling limited quantities of the same T-shirt through his website. The loose-fitting tee is available in just the one generous size, which makes it perfect for using as a cover-up on the beach or as a sleep shirt once the sun goes down.

We're all tightening our belts after a Christmas shopping splurge, so I'm impressed that this limited edition tee is reasonably priced at $38. However it's a shame no charities benefit from the high sales that are sure to come. These days it's rare to see any fashion item with a celebrity name attached simply making the already rich richer. A little altruism wouldn't have gone astray.

If you don't mind lining some already deep pockets you can enjoy this inevitable collectors' item from the John Paul Pietrus website.

[Source: StyleCaster]


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