John Bartlett Designs Charity T-Shirts for Farm Sanctuary

Animal Tees to Stop Cruelty

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Posted: Aug 9 | No Comments |

John Bartlett Farm Sanctuary T-Shirts

Designer John Bartlett has teamed up with animal advocacy group Farm Sanctuary for a range of charitable T-shirts.

The Ambassador tees are the ideal way to show your support for animal rights on the beach this summer. Each one figures a white silhouette of a farm animal against a matte black background. The sleeve shows the number of these animals slaughtered for food every year in the United States. It’s hard to ignore the issue when you see we lose 9 billion chickens, 110 million pigs, and 35 million cows annually.

Bartlett was inspired to create the collection after listening to Farm Sanctuary's president Gene Bauer speak about the cruel conditions of factory farms. After converting to veganism, Bartlett wanted to do more, and so set about creating the T-shirt collection.

"I am an avid companion animal rescue advocate and feel that what Farm Sanctuary does is an incredibly important mission," Bartlett explained. "They are working to save farm animals from the horrific life at factory farms and that inspires me beyond words."

The Ambassador Collection T-shirts are available from John Bartlett's website for $40. 10% of the proceeds from each shirt sold will help Farm Sanctuary work towards their goal of ending cruelty towards farm animals.

[Source: Ecouterre]

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