Jetpilot MVP Rash Guard

Pink Lycra Logo Surf T-Shirt

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Posted: May 15 | 17 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Jetpilot MVP Rash GuardJetpilot reminds us that rash guards aren't just for tiny tote with this MVP surf shirt.

I appreciate that the MVP was crafted especially for women. Jetpilot appreciates the differences between the genders, so it doesn't take the one style suits all approach of many surf labels. Its made from flexible lycra which hugs the figure and moves as you do. That makes it ideal for surfers, volleyball fanatics, and other active beach goers.

The logo print is very obvious though, and in various shades of pink it's ultra girly. I'm thrilled to see Jetpilot offering us a blue version as well though. While there are those of us out there who'll appreciate the sugary palette pictured, I'm sure many will prefer to step outside the defined gender box.

But it's the things we can't see that really help the MVP become a valuable player on the beach. Its seams are sturdy and flat so they don't irritate bare skin. The lycra fabric also provides protection from ultra-violet rays, so we need not worry about burning underneath it.

The sizes are a bit limiting though. Jetpilot only produces the MVP in small, medium, and large, leaving girls at either end of the size spectrum out in the cold.

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