Jessica Simpson Aviator Sunglasses | Classic J500 Silver Shades

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Jessica Simpson Aviator Sunglasses

Jessica Simpson Aviator SunglassesJessica Simpson takes us back to Top Gun with these classic aviator sunglasses.

There’s a reason why aviator frames are still popular, all these decades later. The style is very forgiving for any face shape, which is a real plus. However they’re most perfect for girls with heart-shaped faces, as their wide at the top style echoes this shape.

Jessica Simpson doesn’t do too much with the style, which is both a good thing and a bad. There’s a reason why the classics are so popular, so they probably shouldn’t be interpreted too freely. Her silver frame has a bit of texture it, but it’s virtually textbook. I just wonder whether that little bit of engraving is enough to separate it from the pack.

There are a few more practical perks though. The brown tinted lenses have a 100% UV rating, so they’re as sun smart as they are stylish. These frames measure 5.5 by 2.5 inches, so they’re generous enough to shield the eyes without being oversized. The rubber nose pads should make wearing these aviators extra comfortable.

They also have price on their side. $55 is very reasonable for a pair of designer sunglasses, particularly when they come in a protective carry case.

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