Jantzen Moroccan Mosaic Skirted Bottom

Ruffled Swim Skirt with Briefs

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Posted: Apr 27 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Jantzen Moroccan Mosaic Skirted BottomsJantzen offers sex appeal without the scandal with these Moroccan Mosaic Skirted Briefs.

This skirted pair of briefs is very, well, brief! It's like the swimwear equivalent of a miniskirt, a mere strip of spandex-blended nylon that covers up the vital areas while showing plenty of leg. I'd hesitate to wear it if it weren't for the attached briefs. These bottoms maintain our modesty when we’re sun bathing or being more active on the sand.

The mosaic print does leave a bit to be desired though. While its pastel hues suit the recent 80s renaissance, with that decade's trends waning it's starting to feel a bit tired. I only hate to think how out-dated it'll appear in a few summer's time.

If you don't care for fashion though, these Moroccan Mosaic bottoms are a great way to add a feminine flourish to your beach ensemble. The ruffled detail at the hem is delightfully girly, and the shirring is soft and figure flattering.

I can't imagine it working with anything other than the matching bikini top though. That print is so distinct that and its colors so unusual that it really calls for more of the same. That extra outlay is worth considering when you're spending $56 on these swim bottoms.

Get these Jantzen Moroccan Mosaic Bikini Briefs:

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