Jantzen Lace Cover Up

Long Sleeved Jacquard Beach Tunic

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Posted: Mar 14 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Jantzen Lace Cover-UpJantzen offers a cover up that's more substantial than many on the market with this lace variety.

While many cover ups simply conceal a swimsuit, this one goes the extra mile with its long sleeves and generous length. However it's got more femininity than a neck-to-knee garment, so we never feel we're sacrificing sun smarts for style.

In this regard, perhaps Jantzen has gone too far. If I'm critical the lacey finish which gives this cover-up so much individuality also compromises its sun smart credentials. Those pesky UV rays will infiltrate the holes, leaving you with a filigree burn if you're not careful! However if you remember the sunscreen and you spend time in the shade, this cover-up should keep you relatively safe.

This Jantzen tunic is good looking without being too trend conscious. I can imagine women of any age wearing it on the beach, or even at a resort or casual seaside bar.

However more mature tastes won't be interested in anything but the basic black or white varieties. While the red, purple, and turquoise varieties have real character, they lack that classic appeal. Personally I think these saturated hues are too much, but at least Jantzen's offering its customers some real choice.

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