Jantzen Heritage Bandeau Bikini | Red Ruffled Swim Top

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Jantzen Heritage Bandeau

Jantzen Heritage BandeauRuffled bikinis are a dime a dozen, but the unusual placement of its frills helps Jantzen’s Heritage Bandeau Bikini stand out.

I love what Jantzen has done with its soft ruffles. By restricting the flouncy fabric to just one side of the bandeau top, Jantzen’s made its Heritage feel very modern. I expected a more traditional approach from a swimsuit with such a classic moniker, but I’m thrilled Jantzen’s taken a fashion risk.

I also really like the Jantzen’s sexy red color, although I’m surprised it’s our only option. More sedate hues like black or navy would have no doubt expanded the Heritage’s appeal.

It’s important to consider the sizing carefully though, because the Heritage does run small. Petite women will no doubt appreciate that, but anyone on the busty side may need to order a top that’s larger than their usual. I wouldn’t worry if it’s a little roomy, as the attachable shoestring strap will help hold it up. The clasp at the back, a more secure option than the traditional tie, should also give you peace of mind.

At $58 this Heritage Bandeau Bikini is well priced for a swim top that makes such a strong style statement.

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