James Perse’s The Cove T-Shirts

New Charity Tees for Dolphin Documentary

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Posted: Feb 2 | 17 Comments |

The Cove T-Shirts

The Oscar winning documentary The Cove alerted us to the plight of dolphins in Japan in 2009, but the work of its creators is far from over. Los Angeles designer James Perse will help the cause with the recent release of a new limited edition T-shirt collection.

There are two T-shirts in the range; one for the lads and one for the ladies. Each one features the words "The Cove" on the sleeves and a dolphin motif on the back.

These shirts look very comfortable, as well they should for a whopping $105 for the ladies tee, and $135 for the men's. At least the proceeds are going to the organizations working to stop Japan's dolphin trade, but it's still a lot to spend on a T-shirt. The price doesn't seem to have deterred beach goers though, as online stocks are already sold out. However, you can still get the tees in selected James Perse boutiques.

Considering the cost of the tees, I'm disappointed to see James Perse has used conventional cotton, rather than the more eco-conscious kind. Working with a material that's going to damage the planet really seems at odds with the T-shirts' greater purpose, doesn't it?

[Source: Ecouterre]

Dolphin T-Shirts on eBay

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