Insight The Vacancy Bustier Bikini

Green Strapless Swim Top

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Posted: Aug 28 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Insight Vacancy Bustier BikiniInsight gives us all of the sizzle of lingerie in a swim top with this bustier style The Vacancy bikini.

The design is very structured, with underwire cups adding support and light padding providing a bit of lift. It's simple, in a matte color without any patterns, ruffles, or decals to distract. I appreciate that simplicity, as it ensures the swimsuit won't date any time soon.

However, when I saw the model in the picture I became concerned about The Vacancy's fit. It appears as if she's squeezed into the bikini top, almost as if she's wearing a size or two smaller than she should. On reading customer comments though it appears that's exactly what Insight has intended. Women complain that it's far too small in the bust. It seems like a simple solution to order larger than your usual size, but I'm unsure how such a slim-fitting bikini would look if you did. After all, it's got to fit everywhere, not just in the bust.

The strapless design is pretty sexy, and ideal for avoiding tan lines, but it's not very practical when you're in the water. Without straps to secure it in place it just feels like a wardrobe disaster waiting to happen. Waves and suits like this simply don't mix.

The bustier bikini is something we don’t see enough of, but sadly Insight doesn't capitalize on its potential. At least it's relatively affordable at $72.

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