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Fringed One-Piece Swimwear">Tori Praver Luna Swimsuit

Green Fringed One-Piece Swimwear

Fringed One-Piece Swimwear"> Tori Praver Luna Swimsuit | Green <span class=Fringed One-Piece Swimwear"> Tori Praver brings a little Navaho flair to a classic one piece with this Luna swimsuit. The Luna takes its cues from the label's Kelly swimsuit, but its long fringing sets it apart. I love the way this decoration emphasizes the curve of the plunging neckline. The detail draws attention to the area, which is probably just what you want when you're wearing such a low-cut swimsuit! The d…

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Fringed Swimsuit">L*Space Fringe Benefits Audrey Halter Bikini Top

Flirty White Fringed Swimsuit

Fringed Swimsuit"> L*Space Fringe Benefits Audrey Halter Bikini Top | Flirty White <span class=Fringed Swimsuit"> L*Space serves up a healthy dose of fringe with this Fringe Benefits Audrey bikini top. If there are any fringe benefits for wearing fringe, anyone indulging in this swimsuit is bound to enjoy a streak of good luck. There's nothing subtle about the long fringe embellishment, but that's precisely why I like it. L*Space has committed to the accent, and it pays dividends on what is othe…

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Fringed Black Swimsuit">L*Space One Love Fringe Monokini

Quirky Cut-Out Fringed Black Swimsuit

Fringed Black Swimsuit"> L*Space One Love Fringe Monokini | Quirky Cut-Out <span class=Fringed Black Swimsuit"> L*Space brings back its beloved fringe with this One Love monokini. We first saw this bohemian accent on the label's Miss Mojave Stardust swimsuit. I enjoyed it there, but when paired with a loud Aztec print it was never going to suit everybody. The One Love is like the Miss Mojave Stardust's more classic cousin, a black monikini with complementary fringing. Don't mistake the One Lo…

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Fringed Aztec Print Bathers">L*Space Miss Mojave Stardust One-Piece Swimsuit

Flamboyant Fringed Aztec Print Bathers

Fringed Aztec Print Bathers"> L*Space Miss Mojave Stardust One-Piece Swimsuit | Flamboyant <span class=Fringed Aztec Print Bathers"> L*Space delivers a swimsuit with flamboyant flair with this Miss Mojave Stardust. This isn't a swimsuit for shrinking violets, or anyone with a classic sense of style. But it is one of the more interesting swimsuits you'll spot on the beach, with its wild white hippie fringing and Aztec inspired print. Its shape is simple, but when you've got so much going on already you don't need an…

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L*Space Dolly Bandeau

Black Fringe Swim Top

L*Space Dolly Bandeau | Black Fringe Swim Top Somewhere in amongst all that fringing, L*Space has hidden a swim top. Meet the Dolly! The Dolly is a lot like the label's Audrey, except it's missing the strap. This little design detail brings its advantages and disadvantages. The look is a little bit sexier. Who would have thought that removing a scrap of fabric could make such a difference? But by taking away the strap, the swim to…

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