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Blue Jeans & Bikinis Shopping Website">Buy Designer Denims & Swimwear Online

Blue Jeans & Bikinis Shopping Website

Blue Jeans & Bikinis Shopping Website"> Buy Designer Denims & Swimwear Online | <span class=Blue Jeans & Bikinis Shopping Website"> Blue Jeans and Bikinis is a shopping website dedicated to serving your style needs no matter what the season. As its name suggests, denims and swimsuits are the site's big attractions. There are plenty of these to browse from a range of designers, some big names and others up and coming talents. They aren't the only fashion items on offer though; cover-ups, shoes and sandals, and app…

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Blue Native American Inspired Swimsuit">Mara Hoffman Beaded Bandeau Bikini

Peacock Blue Native American Inspired Swimsuit

Blue Native American Inspired Swimsuit"> Mara Hoffman Beaded Bandeau Bikini | Peacock <span class=Blue Native American Inspired Swimsuit"> A little beading makes this blue swimsuit from Mara Hoffman something special. The beaded panels at the bust and the sides of the briefs really are this swimsuit's crowning glories. The work is expertly done, with tiny colored beads that make an impression much larger than their size. I can't help worrying about their longevity though. No matter how well they're stitched, I can't i…

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Blue Purple One-Piece">Carve Designs Montecito Swimsuit

Simple Blue Purple One-Piece

Blue Purple One-Piece"> Carve Designs Montecito Swimsuit | Simple <span class=Blue Purple One-Piece"> We've admired Carve Designs bikinis and board shorts, but with the Montecito we see what the label can do with a one-piece. The classic design we've come to associate with the brand is still there, but something doesn't sit quite right me. Or perhaps it doesn't sit quite right on the model. And if it doesn't look good on the model Carve's chosen to show off its wares, whatever will it loo…

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Blue Beaded Halter Neck Swim Top">Despi Casablanca String Bikini

Blue Beaded Halter Neck Swim Top

Blue Beaded Halter Neck Swim Top"> Despi Casablanca String Bikini | <span class=Blue Beaded Halter Neck Swim Top"> Despi looks to Moroccan bazaars for inspiration with its Casablanca bikini. At its heart this is a classic triangle string bikini, nice enough but ultimately overwhelming. It's saved from the doldrums by the intricate beading at the straps. The tiny earth toned beads create a chunky figure eight underneath the halter-neck tie. I'm not sure the gentle hues are the best match for th…

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Blue Gold Buttons Swim Top">Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau

Navy Blue Gold Buttons Swim Top

Blue Gold Buttons Swim Top"> Juicy Couture Miss Divine Bandeau | Navy <span class=Blue Gold Buttons Swim Top"> Juicy Couture sets the style standard with this Miss Divine bandeau swim top. The label's come a long way since its heady pink velour-loving heyday. These days the American fashion house is experimenting with more timeless colors and more fashion forward designs, and it's better for it. I love the restraint shown here, something we'd never have associated with Juicy Couture in th…

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Blue Pin-Tucked Bandeau Swimsuit">Ella Moss Endless Summer Bikini Top

Blue Pin-Tucked Bandeau Swimsuit

Blue Pin-Tucked Bandeau Swimsuit"> Ella Moss Endless Summer Bikini Top | <span class=Blue Pin-Tucked Bandeau Swimsuit"> There may be no endless summer, but Ella Moss promises you'll get wear year after year from this Endless Summer bikini top. Despite its name, I don't expect this bandeau top will have an eternal life. Nothing lasts forever after all. But Ella Moss has ensured this swimsuit will survive several summers thanks to its superior craftsmanship and timeless style. This bandeau bikini is m…

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Blue Bandeau Swim Top">Splendid Marcel Sweetheart Bikini

Striped Pink & Blue Bandeau Swim Top

Blue Bandeau Swim Top"> Splendid Marcel Sweetheart Bikini | Striped Pink & <span class=Blue Bandeau Swim Top"> Bold stripes help to dress up this simple but stylish Marcel bikini from Splendid. Stripy patterns are timeless, yet they always seem to look on trend. The unexpected color combination of bright pink and navy blue makes these wide stripes seem very fresh. The casual tie in the center aids this cause, scrunching in the top for a relaxed, modern style. The Marcel is made from a blend of m…

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Blue Floral Halter-Neck Swim Top">Trina Turk Buckle Bikini

Blue Floral Halter-Neck Swim Top

Blue Floral Halter-Neck Swim Top"> Trina Turk Buckle Bikini | <span class=Blue Floral Halter-Neck Swim Top"> You might not be able to afford that Hawaiian vacation this year, but you can enjoy a little Polynesian style with this contemporary buckle bikini from Trina Turk. Its bold blue print with large hibiscus flowers is striking, and much more modern than a traditional floral pattern. The blooms are paired with a stunning golden buckle which is decorated with either tiny ocean waves or f…

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Blue Bandeau Style Swim Top">Hurley Line Drive Bikini

Striped Blue Bandeau Style Swim Top

Blue Bandeau Style Swim Top"> Hurley Line Drive Bikini | Striped <span class=Blue Bandeau Style Swim Top"> They say that horizontal stripes should only be worn by the skinniest of girls, but Hurley challenges the notion with its Line Drive bikini. By gathering this bandeau style top in the center, Hurley makes its stripes more abstract, and much more flattering. Rather than making us appear wider than we really are, the brightly colored stripes simply help to attract the attention we'r…

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Blue Twisted Eco-Friendly Bikini">L*Space Aquarelli Bandeau Top

Blue Twisted Eco-Friendly Bikini

Blue Twisted Eco-Friendly Bikini"> L*Space Aquarelli Bandeau Top | <span class=Blue Twisted Eco-Friendly Bikini"> L*Space is a swimsuit designer that typically takes risks, but it plays things a little safer with this Aquarelli Bandeau bikini top. But there's more to this twisted style than meets the eye. This bandeau style top is made from sustainable Sorona fiber, a soft material made with corn rather than petrochemicals. It takes less energy to manufacture and creates far fewer greenhouse…

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