Hermanny by Vix Nepal Bikini

Earth Toned Triangle Swim Top

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Posted: May 1 | 2 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Vix Nepal BikiniVix takes inspiration from the wilds of Africa with this Nepal bikini from its Hermanny collection.

I appreciate that Vix has rejected obvious African motifs like animal prints and tribal markings. Instead its Nepal is much more subtle, with graduated earthy tones recalling the continent's desolate plains.

The African inspired print is paired with Western influenced details. The black rope-like straps take their cues from nautical fashion, while the triangle cut is classic beach fare. I'm not convinced all the elements work as well as they might together, but Vix's conservative color scheme ensures nothing looks too out of place.

This Nepal bikini looks pretty basic, but Vix has included a few clever features that see it punching above its weight. There's soft padding in the cups, which provide extra oomph to girls that need it. And if you don't, you can simple take the enhancements out and allow your natural curves to do all the talking. It's also fully lined, and well made in the United States rather than an inferior offshore location.

For a traditional nylon-spandex blended bikini, it requires more upkeep than I expected though. Vix tells us it requires cold water washing and line drying, two endeavors many summer vacationers simply don't have time for. It's affordable at $67, but is it more trouble than it's worth?

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