Guess Tutu Flip Flops

Cute Pink Bow Beach Sandals with Rhinestones

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Posted: Jun 15 | 2 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Guess Tutu Flip FlopsGuess brings bling to the beach with this adorable Tutu flip flops.

Guess has taken a traditional rubber pair of flip flops and girlified it. More rubber makes an oversized structured bow, which is further feminized with a swarm of rhinestones at the center. And as if these shoes couldn't be any sweeter, they come in a cute candy pink! It's not our only choice; the black and gray options are far more subdued. But why would you try to be subtle with flip flops like the Tutu?

When we start to dissect them the Tutu flip flops aren't the most practical pair of flip flops. The rubber and synthetic materials have what it takes to survive the harsh conditions of the beach, but Guess hasn't done an awful lot with them. The sole is simple and flat; it doesn't cushion and grip your feet as many more expensive flip flops do. The synthetic straps also won't feel especially comfortable on our feet. These are really flip flops for girls who love lazing around on the beach, rather than women up for beach volleyball and walks along the shore.

For $35 though we really can’t ask for more. The Tutu isn't the most practical pair of flip flops you'll ever own, but it might just be the cutest!

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