Gucci Makes Sustainable Arboform Sunglasses

Eco-Friendly Liquid Wooden Shades

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Posted: May 23 | 3 Comments |

Gucci Arboform SunglassesGucci is continuing its commitment to sustainable design with the planned release of new sunglasses crafted from an eco-friendly liquid wood called Arboform.

Arboform is proving incredibly popular amongst eco-conscious companies. Benetton currently uses it for its clothes hangers and Fossil recently released a watch made from the material. It's crafted from a blend of wood fibers sourced from sustainable forests, lignin from the paper-manufacturing process, and natural wax. Scientists are already calling it the "plastic of tomorrow," referring to its versatility and strength. However unlike regular plastics, Arboform is biodegradable.

Admittedly the release of these Arboform sunglasses is still some time off. At this point the shades are in the prototype stage, but there's real potential in the glasses which have bamboo inspired accents and recycled metal hinges. Eyewear manufacturer Safilo is committed to helping Gucci get these green glasses of the ground. The latest design follows the bio-based frames derived from castor seeds Gucci released in collaboration with Safilo last year.

Gucci is doing more than overhauling its sunglasses though; it also looks to make its cases greener. The fashion house will introduce new foldable glasses cases in the future. It suggests this measure will slash transport-related carbon emissions by some 60%. The glasses cases will also come with pre-addressed envelopes so green shoppers can return them for recycling.

Are you impressed that Gucci's going green?

[Source: Ecouterre]

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