Gottex Rhythm One Shoulder One-Piece Swimsuit | Asymmetrical Bandeau Aqua Bathers

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Gottex Rhythm Swimsuit

Gottex Rhythm SwimsuitGottex makes a dramatic style statement with this asymmetrical Rhythm swimsuit.

Gottex abandons tradition for a more fashion-forward one-shoulder style. This wide strap is gently pleated, mirroring the soft shirring around the bandeau bust. The rest of the swimsuit seems fairly plain when compared to the top, but there are a few hidden benefits to be found.

You might assume that there are no lumps and bumps around the stomach area simply because a model’s wearing this swimsuit, but that’s not entirely true. The Rhythm actually features built in tummy control, so you needn’t be stick thin to wear it. The full coverage derriere is another advantage for girls self conscious of their figure.

It’s not just for curvy women though. Gottex has also added soft cups in the bust to give slender ladies a boost. This is one of those rare swimsuits available in sizes 6 to 16 which flatters to all of those different shapes.

By refusing to follow fashion fads, Gottex has created a swimsuit destined to last a few seasons. At least it will if you take care of it. You’ll need to hand wash it and dry it in the shade, but when you’re spending this sort of money you won’t mind putting in a bit of effort.

At $138 this swimsuit is on the expensive side, but its striking good looks and hidden benefits make it worth spending a bit extra. I only wish we had a few more daring color options. The aqua blue is kind of washed out; black, navy, or red would have made a much stronger statement.

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