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Garmin Edge 605

Garmin Edge 605Garmin is a leader in providing in car GPS technology, but can the brand help you out when you’re biking around the beach? With the Garmin Edge 605 Bicycle Monitor, the label attempts to do just that.

I say attempts, because this piece of technology has been on the receiving end of some pretty scathing reviews. The problem here is high expectations, which Garmin fosters with its glowing product descriptions.

Garmin claims the computer provides turn-by-turn directions, but it neglects to say that customers must purchase an additional City Navigator Map card to activate this functionality. This card costs an additional $100, which should be factored into the price.

Once you have this card, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results. The unit takes a significant amount of time to plot a course, which when loaded often isn’t the way cyclists would travel.

Unlike in-car systems, the device also doesn’t provide spoken directions as Garmin suggests. This is disappointing, as when we’re biking around the beach we probably want to focus on the coastal vista rather than a computer screen.

The ability to set the backlight level is handy, but it’s unfortunate that these personal settings aren’t remembered every time the unit’s started up. I also like the ability to download other user’s favorite routes through Garmin’s online Motion Based community, but there are limitations here too. The unit will only hold one route at a time, a real disappointment for folks preparing for vacation.

You’ll need to make sure you’re riding on good, smooth roads too as the straps aren’t very strong. It just takes a few bumps to dislodge the unit. Adding some Velcro may solve the problem, but should you really need to make adjustments to a unit costing almost $500?

This system certainly doesn’t do as much as an in-car system, but it does tell you where you are. If you’re cycling around an unfamiliar coastal strip, that may be enough to ensure you don’t get lost!

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