Fresh Cargo Launches Maasai Treads Flip Flops

African Eco-Friendly Beach Shoes

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Posted: Jun 15 | No Comments |

Fresh Cargo Maasai Treads Flip FlopsPlanet conscious British fashion house Fresh Cargo recently launched Maasai Treads, a fair trade line of flip flops.

Fresh Cargo works with members of Nairobi's Maasai tribe on the collection. It currently employs 20 locals, but hopes to expand operations to 100 artisans by 2014. These efforts would go some way towards turning around the economy of Nairobi, where 40% of residents are out of work.

African artisans began crafting flip flops from the cow hide called akala many centuries ago. Today Fresh Cargo's employees use those same time-honored techniques to create flip flops from locally sourced recycled tire treads. These soles are so durable that Fresh Cargo claims they can travel 20, 000 miles before falling apart.

The eco-friendly soles are then paired with materials sourced from the Nairobi markets including hemp and a traditional cotton called kikoy. Every Maasai Treads flip flops are guaranteed to feature at least 95% recycled materials.

As Maasai Treads use recycled materials, every pair has a distinct and unique appearance. Styles are available for men and women, so everyone can enjoy helping out the Maasai people and their continent's wildlife. As well as supporting its Maasai workers, Fresh Cargo also donates a percentage of its profits to the Born Free Foundation. This charity works on anti-poaching initiatives and human-lion conflict mitigation schemes in Kenya.

Maasai Treads flip flops are available online from the Fresh Cargo website.

[Source: Fresh Cargo website]

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