Free Sunhats for Hat Day

The Headwear Association Gives Away Caps

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Posted: Jun 20 | 1 Comment |

Woman HatHappy Hat Day! Today marks the fourth annual Hat Day, an initiative of The Headwear Association.

It might seem like just another day, but it could go some way towards getting your summer wardrobe sorted. Today The Headwear Association will give away free wide-brimmed hats in key cities across America, including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles. You can visit The Headwear Association website for a complete list of participating cities, and the locations you’ll find The Headwear Association crew. If you’re too far from the free hats, you can win one by "liking" The Headwear Association’s Facebook page.

The drive isn't just about being altruistic. The Headwear Association hopes their generosity will inspire Americans to cover up on the beach this summer. Skin cancer is the most common source of cancer, and around 90% of skin cancers are due to sun overexposure, so wearing a hat when you step out makes sense. If you're vain it's also worth noting that wearing a hat can help prevent sun damage and premature aging!

Props go to Dorfman-Pacific, Broner Hat & Glove, Philadelphia Rapid Transit, Wallaroo Hats, and Bollman Hat Company who donated the free hats that make Hat Day possible.

[Source: Accessories Magazine]
[Image Source: Darache/Stock.xchng]

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