Flingo Beach Fitness Game

Volleyball Style Trampoline Bounce Ball Toy

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Posted: Jul 7 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Forget the Frisbee; the latest game to hit the beach is Flingo.

Flingo is something like an updated version of beach volleyball. The ball bounces between the players using an elastic Flingo cloth, which is almost like a tiny trampoline. It sounds like a fun way for the whole family to get fit, as it doesn't require a lot of special skills or strategies.

There are official rules, including court sizes and scoring systems, but I think most folks will be happy to just make it up as they go along.

Each Flingo set contains two Flingo cloths, a ball, and a plastic carrying case. This game has the potential to be great for groups, so it's a shame to see only two Flingo cloths included. I'd love to see the creators release a doubles set for barbeques or family get togethers.

Critics have embraced this game, which was a recent finalist for the best beach game of the year title. I'm a little more skeptical though, as I haven't spotted a lot of Flingo games going on at my local beach. But at least it's reasonably affordable at $23.80, which should be some compensation if it doesn't have staying power.

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