Fendi Patent Leather Flip Flops

Luxury Designer Logo Ring Beach Shoes

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Posted: Feb 1 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Fendi Patent Leather Flip FlopsFor the girl who has everything, and who likes to tell the world, come these Fendi patent leather flip flops.

A gleaming silver ring proudly, and perhaps obnoxiously, bears the Fendi name. It sits loud front and center, boasting about the flip flops' heritage smugly. Some girls will go mad for that, but it's all a bit obvious for me.

Still, when you're paying almost $400 for a pair of beach shoes you probably want everyone to know why. It's a way of getting some kind of value for your dollar, although I'd suggest it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

Strip away the logo and you've got a fairly disappointing pair of shoes. The skinny straps are made from patent leather, a hard material that's bound to rub against your feet. The soles are made from a combination of leather and rubber. It's a smart mix for the beach, as rubber gives the shoes essential water-resistant properties, but it should come much cheaper than this.

Honestly the only thing I'm really revved by is the color. This bright white leather will look gorgeous against deep tanned legs or summer sundresses when you step away from the shore. Few colors have such a timeless tropical feel, and for this money that timelessness is essential!

I can't see real value here though; I've seen many simple pairs of white flip flops that are far less costly. But they don't bear the Fendi name, and that will make all the different for designer junkies.

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