Fendi FS 412 Sunglasses

Unisex Metal Buckle Frame Shades

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Posted: Nov 19 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Fendi 412 SunglassesHere at Bikini Buys we've seen many designers playing around with sunglass frames. We've seen frames that are bright red, pure white, and every color in between. Fendi takes things back to basics here by offering sunglasses that at first glance appear to have no frames at all!

It's a clever illusion which is quickly dispelled when you look to the side. This is where Fendi's used a bit of design flair. The arms feature a fun buckle detail, which is discreetly engraved with the Fendi name. I prefer this more subtle design approach to the interlocking Fs Fendi typically uses, although girls who love to wear their brands on their sleeve may disagree.

The thin metal frames are paired with smoky tinted plastic lenses. I'm disappointed that Fendi doesn't offer us any real sun safe credentials, but perhaps it feels that girls wearing its shades are more interested in looking good than keeping the UV rays at bay.

My problem is that at $229, we deserve style and protection. Much cheaper shades have high UPF ratings after all. I'm not saying that Fendi's sunglasses won’t keep your eyes safe, but it's disappointing that the Italian label doesn't offer us any such guarantees.

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