Fendi 5117 Sunglasses

Modern Black Shades with Silver Accents

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Posted: Jun 13 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Fendi 5117 SunglassesFendi goes futuristic with these very modern, very chic 5117 sunglasses.

Its model number doesn't give a lot away, but one glance at these Italian designer sunglasses and I'll bet you won't forget them. Fendi sunglasses have a tendency to look a bit samey, but the silver accents in the corner of the frames helps these ones stand out.

Those silver bits are so striking, but look a little closer and you'll realize just how clever they are. That's right; these embellishments aren't abstract shapes, but modern Fs. The letter reminds us that these are authentic Fendi sunglasses without boasting the heritage obnoxiously. Personally I think this is much smarter than large logos or those tired interlocking F prints Fendi is so fond of, although traditionalists may disagree!

The unusual shape of these frames certainly won't suit every face though. Their angled shape will sharpen features, so it can make people with square faces appear too harsh. However it's perfect for girls with softer shapes, including oval and round faces, as it'll add extra definition.

As with most Fendi accessories though, the sky-high price tag is the kicker. At $257.50, you'll need to spend a lot of time in the sun to see value here.

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