Face-Kinis Big in China

Bizarre Sun Protection Trend

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Posted: Aug 19 | 197 Comments |

Face-kinisThe Chinese are behind one of the strangest beach fashion trends we've seen in some time. Most of us would wear a bikini, a monokini, or a tankini, but I'm not we'll be following in their footsteps and donning face-kinis any time soon!

As it's name suggests, the face-kini is a bizarre bikini that's worn over the face. The mask helps Chinese sunlovers protect their delicate porcelain skin from harmful UV rays and the insects and jellyfish common in local waters. The strange swimwear was first spotted on the beaches of Qingdao, but its popularity's quickly spread to China's other coastal breaks.

Face-kinis are available in a wide range of colors. Fans can match them to their swimsuit, or choose a contrasting shade for an even more eye-catching look. They're affordable too, with prices typically ranging from $2.40 to $4.00. Since they're reusable, they're actually a cheap alternative to sunscreen!

Here at Bikini Buys we appreciate the importance of sun protection, but surely it should come in a more fashionable package. The face-kini looks more like the mask of a Mexican wrestler or wannabe bank robber than a summer staple. We also imagine the extreme tanning around the eyes won't be a very good look. We hope the Chinese are lathering on the sunscreen to avoid the panda look!

[Source: Ecouterre]