ezShade Beach Umbrella Sun Shade | Portable Protective Umbrella Curtain Accessory

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Stay sun safe on the sand with this portable ezShade beach curtain. This handy accessory attaches to any beach umbrella or canopy to maximize shade area and block almost all of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.

This sun shade weighs just nine ounces, and comes with a free carrying tote, so it’s an easy addition to your beach kit. Fill up the bottom pocket with sand, water bottles, or any other weights you have on hand to block light winds and blowing sand. It’s a good theory, but strong breezes are really no match for this shade. It’s really made for those ideal, balmy summer days rather than gusty spring ones.

Some customers also report that the shade doesn’t attach as easily as the manufacturer would like us to believe. This process takes time, so some suggest it’s best taken care of before we hit the beach. Of course, that could make transporting it a bit more difficult. While the shade’s Velcro is strong, the adhesive backing for your umbrella isn’t as tough. Thankfully ezShade sells these adhesives separately so you can replace them when they wear out, but that’s another expense to consider.

While we’re talking about generous claims, it seems the amount of extra shade may also be exaggerated. The manufacturers say we can expect this sun curtain to double our shade, but customers say that if the sun isn’t at the right point in the sky this isn’t the case.

If you’ve got a family though, you’ll be happy for any extra shade, especially at this price. At $24.95, this ezShade is an affordable way to help protect you and your loved ones at the beach.

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