Ella Moss Shana Tunic

Cream Lace Beach Cover-Up

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Posted: Aug 2 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Ella Moss Shana TunicElla Moss channels 70s fashion with this lacy Shana tunic.

The crochet lace finish of this cover-up is truly stunning. The design is so delicate, although as it's made from a blend of nylon and spandex it should be deceptively tough. The V-neck and beaded tie around the center are a great complement to the crochet's retro vibe, while the soft sleeves are a lovely feminine touch.

The Shana's looks are striking, but they're not entirely practical. It's obvious that such a sparse material won't provide a lot of protection from harmful UV rays, so you'll still need to slather on the sunscreen underneath. It's also relatively short, which is sexy but again, not very sun smart.

It'd look beautiful on the beach, but I'm not sure this tunic could make the transition to town as many cover-ups can. Such a sheer material would likely look out of place once you leave the shore, even if you're not walking very far.

While I'm moaning, the Shana is also a finicky creature that requires careful care. That lacy fabric might be durable enough to stuff in a beach bag, but it won't survive harsh cleaning. You'll need to hand wash it in cold water, and dry it flat to prevent awkward puckers or snags. It also won't take bleach, so your work is cut out for you if your sunscreen leaks through your bag!

I might not mind the work if I felt I could get the wear from it, but I'm not sure this Ella Moss tunic is versatile enough to justify its $147 price tag.

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