Ella Moss Endless Summer Bikini Top | Blue Pin-Tucked Bandeau Swimsuit

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Ella Moss Endless Summer Bandeau Bikini

Ella Moss Endless Summer Bandeau BikiniThere may be no endless summer, but Ella Moss promises you’ll get wear year after year from this Endless Summer bikini top.

Despite its name, I don’t expect this bandeau top will have an eternal life. Nothing lasts forever after all. But Ella Moss has ensured this swimsuit will survive several summers thanks to its superior craftsmanship and timeless style.

This bandeau bikini is made from a durable blend of nylon and spandex. So long as you treat it well, that material should hold its shape and color for a long time. And in the here and now it’ll feel amazing against your skin, and give you the flexibility you need while you’re in the water.

Ella Moss has shunned the trends for a style that’s much more evergreen. The intricate pin tucking calls to mind vintage fashion. However by using rich cobalt blue, rather than a more neutral hue, the finish is much more contemporary. The pin tucking is very flattering, especially if you’re on the petite side. The tight pleating helps to hide a flat chest, especially if you add the removable soft cups.

The removable strap adds further versatility. This is more substantial than the ones we see on most bandeau tops, so it should provide more security and support in the water. Once we emerge from the ocean we can simply remove it for line-free tanning.

At $67 this Ella Moss bikini is quite affordable, especially for one so timeless.

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