Eco-Friendly La Remera T-Shirts

Classic Tees Donated to Poor Children

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Posted: Dec 10 | No Comments |

La Remera T-Shirts

The T-shirts from La Remera appear so simple that they're easy to overlook. However there's more to the tees from the Argentinean brand than meets the eye.

The label uses sustainable materials such as Pima cotton to craft the basic tees. Its commitment to the planet also extends to its people. La Remera operates under the Buy One Give One (BoGo) system. That means that for every T-shirt it sells, it donates one to an Argentinean child in need.

The altruistic system has been criticized for bringing more items into the world, and thus more pollution and waste, but at least La Remera is attempting to do some good.

The company is the brainchild of Ariel Estanga, who became frustrated with her work for major fashion houses like Zara. She doesn't want her brand to become the next big thing; she only wants to make a difference.

There's a fine line between classic and boring, and I'm still trying to decide which side these La Remera T-shirts fall on. If you're smitten you might need to book a flight to Estanga's native Argentina; you'll find them only at Rue des Artisans in Buenos Aires.

[Source: Tree Hugger]

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