Eco-Friendly Kelly B. Tizzi Cut-Out Swimsuit

Bright Yellow, Fair Trade One-Piece with Bandeau Top

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Posted: Oct 4 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |


Eco-friendly fashions usually call to mind itchy fabrics that come in some variation of the color biege. But this hello-sunshine-yellow Kelly B. Tizzi Cut-Out Swimsuit is anything but.

The fabric is made from bamboo and an organic cotton/spandex blend so the swimsuit is just as fitting as any other would be.

The neck-strap is removable as well if you would prefer a bandeau look. The sides of the suit are also cut-out, alternating gaps with strips of fabric. The cut-out swimsuit is more innovative way to show some skin in a one-piece.

In terms of other social benefits of this product, it is made in USA under fair trade regulations. But that doesn't mean it's price has gone through the roof; this swimsuit is currently retailing at $70.

It has also been featured on EcoCitizen, a website catering to socially-conscious consumers who don't want to compromise on style.

The swimsuit does not come in any other color and from what I've seen on the beach, the styling of the top of this swimsuit does not typically have a lot of support for those above an A/B cup. But again, this environmental swimsuit proves that tree-huggers are not relegated to the unfashionable any longer.

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