Eco-Friendly Earth Conscious Optics Sunglasses

Recycled ECO Shades

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Posted: Jan 28 | No Comments |

ECO SunglassesWhile we're protecting our peepers, most of us don't realize how much water and energy it takes to create a single pair of sunglasses. The shades from Earth Conscious Optics (ECO) make sure your eyes and the planet aren't exposed to harmful elements.

Since ECO's inception in 2008, its founder and chief executive officer Alessandro Lanaro has worked hard to make his label truly eco-friendly. Each pair of sunglasses is made from 95% recycled plastics and metals. These shades are then certified by UL Environment, so you know they'll live up to their green claims.

Of course, there is still the cost of shipping to consider. However Earth Conscious Optics does its best to compensate for this carbon footprint. The label works with Trees for Future, an organization which plants a tree for every pair of ECO sunglasses sold.

At $129 each, the ECO sunglasses aren't exactly cheap, although they're still more affordable than high-end designer frames. The biggest stumbling block for fashionable beachgoers is likely to be the limited sunglasses on offer. With just seven styles for men, and another seven for women, I'm feeling a bit starved for choice.

[Source: Earth Conscious Optics website]

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