Easy Street Torch Slide Sandals

Red Tumbled Synthetic Shoes

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Posted: May 20 | 2 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Easy Street Torch SandalEasy Street takes us from the shore to the city streets with these Torch slide sandals.

These Torch shoes are a really good looking pair of sandals, but they're smart rather than sexy. The substantial straps may seem a bit chunky to girls used to strappier designs, but the curved stitching is very chic.

Everything has a purpose here. The straps hold our feet in place better than the usual flimsy variety. The buckle ensures we get just the right fit, no matter what size our feet are. The tumbled finish softens the synthetic and makes it appear closer to leather. The color palette is also really sophisticated, with seven hues including black, red, and metallic pewter.

These Torch sandals come with several ergonomic features. The plush, padded insole helps to offset the effects of that 1.25 inch heel. The adjustable instep strap maximizes comfort. The rubber sole cushions our feet and acts like a kind of shock absorber as we walk to ensure we can do so pain free for longer.

I must admit that I was taken aback when I spotted the Torch's $50 price tag. It seems far too cheap to be true, and on reading the comments of customers it seems it is. These Torch sandals have everything you really need, but be prepared to give them up when they fall apart at the end of the season!

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