Earth Makes Eco-Friendly Gladiator Sandals

Recycled Beach Shoes Burn Calories

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Posted: Aug 5 | 8 Comments |

Earth Gladiator SandalsEarth has created a pair of gladiator sandals that are as good for the planet as they are for your figure, with this striking pair of summer shoes.

These on-trend sandals look like they're made from your choice of snakeskin or suede, but they're actually crafted from 70% recycled materials. It's a little disappointing that the retailer doesn't tell us exactly what recycled materials the shoes are sourced from though. I always appreciate that transparency, especially when I believe I'm going green.

It is more forthcoming when detailing the gladiator sandal's technology though. The soles are made from Biofoam, a shock-absorbing material designed to reduce stress on the joints. Earth has also positioned the toe at 3.7 degrees higher than the heel, a minimal shift which maximizes calorie burn and tones your thighs, calves, and gluts. And wouldn't we all love to shed a few pounds just by walking around the beach?

Satisfied customers say they're very comfortable to wear, although they also note that the sizes run a little large. However guarantees every product it sells, so the return process will be relatively painless if they don't fit quite right.

Earth's Gladiator Sandals are available from for $139.

[Source: Alternative Consumer]

Gladiator Sandals on eBay

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