Dicks Cotton’s New 20tens Sunglasses

High-Tech Colored Plastic Aviator Shades

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Posted: Mar 15 | 2 Comments |

Dicks Cotton 20tens SunglassesDicks Cotton has launched 20tens, a brand new sunglasses collection which takes over where its 20nines shades left off.

The plastic aviator wrap frames have been improved, but they're still as lightweight and comfortable as the 20nines. Each one is made from a single shield lens that won't scratch or shatter. The lenses have a maximum UV protection index, so you needn't worry about damage to your peepers. The lenses are available in your choice of dark gradient or mirrored finishes.

The frames are reinforced with a wire core, which allows them to be flexible without breaking. They're also subtly laser-engraved with the cute stick figure Dicks Cotton logo. The 20tens frames are available in 15 different colors, so I'm sure there's one or more that excite you.

Every pair of 20tens sunglasses comes with a protective microfiber case, which can be turned inside out to serve as a cleaning cloth. What a clever idea!

The 20tens sunglasses are unisex, so you might need to buy a pair for your boyfriend too. Otherwise he might abscond with yours! Thankfully at $49.95, they’re affordable enough to buy a couple of pairs. You can get yours via the Dicks Cotton website or selected retailers.

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

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