CuteCircuit Creates Programmable T-Shirt

Clever TshirtOS Shows Facebook Status & More

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Posted: Aug 15 | 197 Comments |

We love wearing T-shirts to inform the world of our favorite bands, political affiliations, and pet causes. But their static designs can get a bit boring. CuteCircuit looks to shake things up with the TshirtOS, the world's first programmable T-shirt.

The clever tee can be customized with your tweets and Facebook statuses, playlists, pictures, personalized messages, video and more. It's crafted from cotton, but features an interactive LED panel on the front. This grid wirelessly connects to your smart phone through an integrated circuitboard.

Scottish whisky maker Ballantine's sees the potential in the concept and has sponsored the TshirtOS's prototype creation. CuteCircuit's not resting on its laurels though. It plans to incorporate a camera and a microphone into the shirt to enable it to capture real-time feeds, sounds, and video imagery.

CuteCircuit is currently shopping around its prototype, but it hopes there'll be a buyer so it can further develop the technology and make its creation cost-effective. If you need one of these T-shirts for the beach, make sure you register your interest with the TshirtOS section on Ballantine's Facebook page. Just ensure you keep it well away from the waves if you do get one. Something tells me all that tech wizardry won't like water!

[Source: Ecouterre]