Shortomatic Customized Board Shorts

Design Your Own Personalized Surf Boardies

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Posted: Sep 16 | 3 Comments |

There's nothing more embarrassing than arriving at a party to find someone else is wearing your dress. I'm not sure the same can be said for board shorts, but if you want to make sure yours are individuals you'll want to order them from Shortomatic.

The Californian surf brand makes it easy to design a pair of one-of-a-kind boardies. They might feature a picture of your favorite singer, an art work or photograph you like, or a pattern you've created yourself. You can choose the colors of your accents and trim, and add a personalized message to the waistband, so the design process really is in your hands.

In fact, the hardest part may be deciding on a design. If you're running short on inspiration, you can choose one of Shortomatic's own prints.

Shortomatic makes men's and women's board shorts from polyester microfiber material, which is cut and sewn by hand in Los Angeles.

Individuality rarely comes cheaply, so the rather high price tag of $99 isn't entirely surprising. But at least a part of the proceeds from every pair of board shorts sold benefit Global Green, a not-for-profit organization which looks to educate and raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainability.

Would you pay close to $100 to ensure your board shorts are the only ones like them on the beach?

[Source: Luxist]
[Image Source: Shortomatic press kit]

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