Coolibar Packable Wide Brim Hat

UPF 50+ Protective Sage Green Woven Sunhat

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Posted: Jan 30 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Coolibar Packable HatWhat Coolibar lacks in fashion forward style, it always makes up for in sun protection. If you care more about staying safe on the beach than following trends, accessories like this Coolibar wide brim sun hat will serve you well.

This simple hat is made from tightly knit polyester, which is lightweight, breathable, and sun smart with a UPF 50+ protection rating. The broad four-inch brim offers shade for your neck, shoulders, and face. Some customers have suggested it's too wide, but it's all a matter of personal taste. The sweatband hidden underneath should mop up any perspiration you suffer on those balmy summer days.

What I like most about this sunhat is its packable qualities. It'll bounce back into shape after being stuffed inside beach bags, rolled up in a suitcase, or pushed to the back of a closet in the off-season.

The biggest downside though is that the one size doesn't fit all, but most. Some customers have complained that its crown is very shallow, while others say it fits too snugly. I wish Coolibar would offer a few different sizes, or give more details about its dimensions, just so we knew what we were really getting.

If it fits though, this packable sun hat will be $30 well spent.

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