Coolibar Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

Affordable Stabilizer for Surf Shade

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Posted: Dec 16 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Coolibar Beach Sand AnchorThere are few things more frustrating on the beach than a flying umbrella. It startles you from your sunbathing, forcing you to run down the sand in hot pursuit. But summer breezes need not disturb your sun shade with the Coolibar beach umbrella sand anchor.

This nifty gadget holds your umbrella in place from any angle. You don't need a degree in engineering to set it up either. It simply twists into the sand, and then snaps onto the handle with a turn of the screw. This turning bar also fits snugly inside the anchor when it's not in use, which ensures you won't lose it in the off season.

Considering it's made from polystyrene, it's surprising how well this holds an umbrella in place. It probably won't help in a cyclone, but in ordinary beach conditions it should ensure your umbrella holds firm.

One application I hadn't thought of is salvaging a beach umbrella that would normally end up on the scrap heap. In the past an umbrella would be useless if its drill tip breaks off. Not so anymore, as this sand anchor doesn't need it to keep your umbrella secure.

For $16, this Coolibar sand anchor does just what it says it will, which is rare for this kind of money.

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