Coir Umbrellas Block UV Rays

Indian Scientists Develop New Beach Technology

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Posted: Nov 28 | No Comments |

Sun´╗┐Scientists at India's Central Coir Research Institute have created an umbrella from the natural fiber which can protect against harmful UV rays.

US Sharma, the director of the Central Coir Research Institute, said his research team found that coir can block ultraviolet rays. He explained that traditional umbrellas, which are typically made from cotton or polyester, keep the sun out but not its damaging rays.

The Central Coir Research Institute has applied for a patent for the umbrellas it's created from a special mix of coir and cotton. One is a regular one-person sized umbrella, while the other is a large beach umbrella. Entrepreneurs have already shown interest in the umbrellas at the recent New Delhi Trade Fair. Hopefully that means it won't be too long until we see the technology utilized in commercial umbrellas.

There is a downside though. While cotton and polyester is rain resistant, coir isn't so tough in inclement weather. You'll need to see clear blue skies before erect one of the new beach umbrellas, and then pray there are no unexpected showers!

Is that drawback enough to turn you off the new technology? Or are you excited by this latest development in the fight against sun damage?

[Source: Fibre2Fashion]
[Image Source: Bernhard Aichinger/Stock.xchng]

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