Chanel’s New J12 Luxury Marine Watches | Waterproof for Scuba Diving & Surf with Ceramic Bezels

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Chanel’s popular J12 watch has been given a new beach makeover with the release of a waterproof version.

The J12 Marine watches promise to be waterproof to more than 300 meters, so you could happily wear them scuba diving. Each watch has ceramic bezels, unidirectional rotating bezels, and rubber straps with engraved buckles. I must admit, I’m surprised and disappointed by the rubber band.

A polished metal would have looked much more luxurious, which is really what I expect from the brand. I am more appreciative of the striking color combination of black and blue though. The watches are also available in all white and all black versions for those with more conservative tastes.

Chanel may deliver quality craftsmanship here, but it really has stepped away from its usual sophisticated shtick for this release. Surfer Laird Hamilton is fronting the advertising campaign rather than a glamorous model, and the styling isn’t exactly high fashion.

I do like the lack of obvious branding, although that also makes the exorbitant costs a little harder to swallow. Do you really want to pay Chanel prices for a watch no one knows is Chanel? And one with a rubber wrist strap no less?

The Chanel J12 Marine watches are available in Chanel stores and other high class retailers, including Luxury Bazaar, for $4700 for the 38 mm watches and $4900 for the 42 mm. You could certainly find a comparable watch for less, but then again it wouldn’t be a Chanel.

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