Chanel 4160Q Sunglasses

Brown Designer Shades with Threaded Accent

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Posted: Jun 10 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Chanel Rimless SunglassesWhen only the best will do on the beach, look to these 4160Q sunglasses from Chanel. Or at least, that's what the famed fashion house would like you to believe.

Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh on these sunglasses, but when they come at a cost of more than $400 I tend to view them a bit more critically. For that price I think we all have a right to demand perfection, which is something very few designers ever achieve.

The rimless design gives these sunglasses a modern, almost futuristic appearance. This style is also lightweight and very comfortable to wear, although it's not a very classic look so you should be prepared for it to date quickly.

The only element that may save these sunglasses from the fickle tide of fashion is the threaded accent running along the top of the sunglasses. This detail calls to mind the shoulder straps of the iconic Chanel handbags, with their golden chains and threaded leather. There are no accidents with Chanel, and this is a nice touch to root the modern sunglasses in the label's heritage. It's also a more sophisticated way for Chanel to stamp its mark on the shades than those large interlocking Cs!

Chanel's done its best to win over its faithful fans here, but I'm still not sure it's done enough to warrant that rather hefty price tag.

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