Carve Designs Women’s Cali Bikini Top

Convertible Palmilla Printed Swimsuit

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Posted: Jan 27 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Carve Womens Cali Bikini TopCarve Designs gives us a little more versatility than the average with this Cali convertible bikini top.

Don't go expecting anything too dramatic though. The shoulder straps simply move from a regular to a criss-cross formation. Perhaps I expected too much, but these movable straps don't excite me a great deal. Personally I think a convertible outfit should offer two distinct looks, but most people wouldn't even notice the difference here.

And when you strip away the convertible tag, there's not a great deal to inspire us here. The Palmilla pattern is pretty, but it may date quickly. Black and aqua versions are also available, but without any ruffles or accents to break up the color the matte tones seem bland.

I can't fault Carve Designs on a practical front. The straps are fully adjustable, and the blend of nylon and spandex is comfortable and quick to dry. You can even pop this bikini top in a cold water wash, although Carve Designs does caution that hand washing will extend the Cali's life.

But I think Carve Designs lets us down when it comes to style. Without any padded cups, the simple design is likely to flatten petite girls. It also doesn't have the stuff to enhance anyone with a fuller figure. This bikini top will do the job, but it doesn't have the X factor many of us demand on the beach.

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