Carve Designs Bondi Bikini

Reversible Apricot Swim Top

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Posted: Jun 6 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Carve Designs Bondi BikiniCarve Designs takes inspiration from one of Australia's favorite beaches with the Bondi. But has it captured the charm of the Down Under break?

As an Aussie, this design feels a bit flat to me. The muted colors are a far cry from the vibrant ones we see at the Sydney shore, and the designs do little to evoke the country. I'm not suggesting Carve Designs should have stooped to obvious motifs kangaroos and Aussie flags, but these prints are very pedestrian. Calling a bikini the Bondi sets up expectations that this bikini doesn't meet.

Perhaps we shouldn't get so hung up on the name though. When we remove it from the equation the Bondi is a perfectly serviceable bikini, with gentle designs that won't date. This bikini top is also reversible, so if we tire of one print we can simply flip the suit and enjoy the other.

Carve Designs offers three choices, but I think this batik Bondi is the pick of them. The apricot colored print might not imitate real batik well, but the geometric design is quite lovely. Turn it over and enjoy a modern black and apricot floral pattern.

Its two-for-one appeal makes the Bondi seem like great value at $48, even if it isn't authentically dinky-di.

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