Buyamba Soles Signs Target Deal

Fair Trade Shoes Hit Department Store Chain

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Posted: Feb 28 | No Comments |

Buyamba Soles SandalsRetail chain Target will add ethical Buyamba Soles beach shoes to its fashion range.

Buyamba Soles' beaded flip flops and sandals are decorated by more than 200 women in Uganda. The women hand-roll bead decorations from old magazines and other papers, a process which saves the refuse from landfill. They earn fair wages for their efforts, money which allows them to raise their children, support their extended families, and give back to their communities.

Craig Hardy, the president of Buyamba Soles' parent company ACI, says the label is more than simply a feel-good initiative. Instead the firm looks to make a real difference in Uganda, a country that's been devastated by war, HIV, and AIDS.

It's a task that will be made much easier thanks to the new Target deal. That sponsorship has allowed ACI to donate $100, 000 to Buyamba Uganda, a charity which helps build schools and provide nutrition for the country's children.

Buyamba Soles beach shoes will be available for purchase from Target's website soon ahead of their April in-store launch. The company plans to introduce more shoes, handbags, and other accessories in time, and hopefully Target will pick up these products too.

Are you excited to see Buyamba Soles sandals in Target stores?

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

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