Brazilian Bikini Waxing To Be Banned in New Jersey

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New Jersey could see the end of the Brazilian Bikini wax as the NJ State ban the practice.


Officials say that genital waxing has always been illegal, it just has not been spelled out clearly in the law. They propose to introduce a new law which would specifically ban genital waxing.

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The reason given were recent cases where genital waxing had gone wrong and complaints were made by two women who were injured and hospitalized, one of which sued.

Others believe that  the proposal is the state’s way of diverting the procedure from beauty salons to the medical community, where hair can be removed using laser treatment by dermatologists.

Genital waxing is popular among women who fashion the skimpier and more revealing Brazilian bikinis and the new law would force the practice underground along the New Jersey shore.

Cherry Hill salon owner Linda Orsuto said that women would “go ballistic” if the proposal passed. She said that some women would resort to waxing themselves, visiting unlicensed salons or traveling to other states, including Pennsylvania, in a quest to remain bare down there.

[Story Via, Image Source: SMH]


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