Body Glove Lambada Skirt

Simple Frilled Aqua Surf Cover-Up

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Posted: Jan 24 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Body Glove Lambada SkirtIt might not have the stuff to turn heads, but this Lambada skirt from Body Glove proves itself to be a versatile little number.

The sexy dance-inspired name comes from the layered frill, which gives this otherwise simple beach skirt a bit of style. It's probably not enough to really impress discerning fashion fans, but it does help to give this skirt's basic style a little personality.

Personally I'd use this surf skirt not as the main attraction, but as a base from which to build a beach wardrobe. Its bright aqua shade could be picked up in a patterned bikini top or one piece. You could swim with it, or slip it on once you hit the sand for some extra sun protection. Thinking about it that way, the solid color and simple style aren't drawbacks at all but elements which makes this swim skirt very versatile.

I know that many fashion forward beachgoers will find this Lambada skirt boring. But by resisting the trends, Body Glove has also made a summer accessory which won't fall out of favor once the next beach season rolls around. That classic appeal makes the affordable $34 price tag seem even more tempting.

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