Billy Reid’s New Tornado Charity T-Shirts

Cotton Tees for American Red Cross

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Posted: May 16 | 5 Comments |

Billy Reid Rise Tornado T-Shirt

T-shirts to raise funds for Japanese relief efforts continue to flood the markets, but Billy Reid has looked a little closer to home for its latest charity tee. The Alabama-born American fashion designer has created this T-shirt to raise funds following tornadoes and severe storms in his home state and neighboring Southern regions.

Each Billy Reid tornado T-shirt is made in Canada from 100% cotton. Their sunshine print, with the "Rise" logo, makes them perfect for wearing to the beach, or using as a cover-up while you're sunning yourself on the sand. I appreciate that Billy Reid has opted for such a subtle design, as anything obviously referencing the tornadoes may seem insensitive, and would certainly date the shirt. By being a bit more cryptic Billy Reid has created a tee we can happily wear for many seasons to come.

The T-shirts are affordably priced at $38. All profits raised by their sales will benefit the Red Cross Tornado Disaster Relief Fund, the American Red Cross' special sector helping Southern residents rebuild following this latest natural disaster.

We may not have any control over Mother Nature's fury, but it's inspiring to see designer labels doing their bit to set things right.

[Source: StyleList]


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