Bikini Memory

Men Remember Girls in Swimsuits Scientific Study Reveals

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Posted: Mar 6 | 1 Comment |

Women have long complained about being treated as sex objects by some men who peruse calenders of bikini clad beauties, and those men have claimed their interest is flattering to women, but new research shows that men really do think of bikini clad beauties as objects rather than people and that they have better recall of the images of bikini clad women than those who are fully clothed.

When we look at people and when we look at objects, different areas of our brains are used. Brain scans as we look at images can show what parts of the brain are used as different images are viewed. The areas used 'light up' on the scans indicating whether the image viewed is seen as a fellow person or something else.

Research has indicated that when men look at sexualized photographs of women like the bikini calender babes, they don't see those women as a person, but as an object. This may have implications for campaigns that seek to limit exposure to these images such as campaigns against pornography or sexualized imagery in advertising, particularly imagery that can be viewed by children.

One Comment

  • Druciph says:

    I’d like to point out that the body whether it be male or female is an object, and can be viewed and appreciated as thus. Sorry women but men at times want to simply look at a pretty girl and stimulate themselves. We really can’t help but stare at something attractive, whether its a beautiful painting, car, or bikini clad supermodel, or your breasts during convo… so pleae excuse our minor transgressions.

    To the men: Your eyes say enough to the girl, no need to catcall, whistle, or tell them they are cute, pretty, beautiful,… or the worst “fine”. They aleady know you like their body…

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