Bikini Lab Love Story Bandeau

Handkerchief Style Floral Swim Top

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Posted: Jan 16 | 4 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Bikini Lab Love StoryBikini Lab gets girly with this Love Story Bandeau bikini top.

We've seen many bandeau style bikini tops before, but never one quite like this. Bikini Lab calls it a handkerchief, and I can easily imagine that it's made with a large one! The floral printed fabric swatch appears to be casually wrapped around the body, yet its pretty pleats manage to fall just so. Some pretty ruching along the top of the bikini give it that final feminine flourish.

I'm sure this bikini top will be too girly for many beach goers, but I find its femininity refreshing. These days modern girls tend to gravitate towards more minimalist designs, so this softer look feels like a breath of fresh air.

It's really affordable at $40, but that doesn't mean that Bikini Lab has skimped where it counts. This bandeau bikini top is crafted from a practical blend of polyester and spandex. It will require hand-washing to keep its shape and colors, but it's soft against the skin, comfortable to wear in and out of the water, and quick to dry.

Personally I think those perks are worth a little laundering effort, don't you? We also get an attachable shoestring strap for extra security in the waves. And really, what more could we want? Sometimes we just get a bargain!

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