Bikini Bite Suit Fastener

No-Slip Glue Formula to Secure Swimsuit

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Posted: Feb 28 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

bikini biteIf you're looking to keep your bikini on when dealing with a lot of motion or activity while doing so, the Bikini Bite Suit Fastener formula works to keep your suit secured for long periods of activity without worries of a "wardrobe malfunction" while on the beach running, playing volleyball, or just taking a dip in the pool or other body of water.

This product works to keep your suit fastened by keeping the clasps and ties that work to secure your swimsuit in place. To use the product, you simply shake it up and roll it on, much like deodorant. The product creates a lightweight bond that secures your clasps and ties together to ensure that the points where your bikini is held together stay connected under even high levels of activity. The bond may be strong when you need it, but it doesn't keep you from taking your bikini off when you're done wearing it - the material keeps secure but doesn't have the effect of super glue.

The product also works without causing any gunky buildup on the fabric or the clasps that can harm your bikini. The compound used in the suit fastener is a liquid that can be easily washed off of the garment in the laundry or by hand when you're done wearing it. So, if you're in the market for a cheap and effective way to keep your bikini on while at the beach or in your backyard, get a container of Bikini Bite's No-Slip Suit Fastener.

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